Student Leaders

One of the features that makes our 6th Form outstanding is the way we develop our students as leaders, making sure their voice is heard and acting on what they have to say. We feel that students are more engaged in the 6th Form if they feel involved in shaping it. Students can apply to be Head Student, Deputy Head Student, Heads of House or Heads of Committees such as: Volunteering & Mentoring, Social & Prom, Wellbeing, Equality & Diversity, Sports & Leisure, Environment or Charity. The Head of 6th Form and Heads of Year for Years 12 and 13 meet with the senior student leaders every week to consult with them on a variety of matters concerning A-Level students, such as how we should best recognise student achievement in the 6th Form and how we might support students who are struggling. They enjoy and make the most of this increased autonomy.

Destiny - Head Student

Destiny"As Head Student, I work alongside Zakariya to bring all committees and teams together to create innovative ideas and improve the school environment. I help to bridge the relationship between students and teachers and be a voice for our student body. I also help to maintain the enthusiasm of the Senior Student Leaders (SSL) to ensure things get done in a productive and fun way."

Zakariya – Head Student

Zakariya"As a Head Student of Nower Hill high school I work alongside Destiny and the Senior Student Leadership Team, implementing changes to help constantly improve Nower Hill to make it the greatest it can be. Being part of this amazing team has given me the opportunity to give back to Nower Hill, and create a sense of community."

Aaron & Jasmine - Deputy Head Students (Communications)
Aaron Jasmine

"As Deputy Head students, our collaboration with Zakariya and Destiny involves preparing meetings, coordinating events and facilitating the flow of information between teachers and the entire school community. As active members of SSL, we continuously brainstorm ways to engage students in events, to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. In addition the Deputy Students sit on the whole school council. They also chair a half termly meeting at which representatives discuss matters specific to the 6th Form experience."

Amar, Iman, Sathurthika & Skyla - Joint Heads of Volunteering & Mentoring Committee
Amar Iman Sathurthika Skyla

"As Heads of the Volunteering and Mentoring committee, we aim to assist those in the lower school to achieve a better school life experience, whether they're struggling with school work or feeling overwhelmed by exams, we can guide them through our mentoring scheme and enhance the spirit of our school.​"

Diya & Anandi - Joint Heads of Social & Prom Committee
Diya Anandi

“As a committee, we want to encourage students to socialise and enjoy their 6th form experience through organising a mixture of activities so that everybody can have fun and form memories that will last a long time. The profits raised from these events are donated to the House charities.”

Abbass & Enetha - Joint Heads of Wellbeing Committee
Tauqeer Abbas Enetha

"As a committee we work towards ensuring the school community is a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for all. We recognize the need for supporting our students individually with both struggles in school and at home. This is because we see the importance of mental wellbeing in today's society, helping to achieve great academic results and confident and happy members of our school. We aim to achieve this by building a tight knit community who participate in activities that bring about a positive change and a school that encourages our students to speak up and reach out for help when they need it, making our second home a healthy place for all.”

Kyjuan & Louisa - Joint Heads of Equality & Diversity Committee
Kyjuan Louisa

“As heads of the Equality & Diversity Committee we strive to produce equality through race, gender, religion and sexuality. We strive to make the school community a place for all students to be themselves & be comfortable with who they are. We strive for change and with that change is our new beginning.​”

Varjikan & Rhianna - Joint Heads of Sports & Leisure Committee
Varjikan Rhianna

“As heads of the Sports and Leisure committee, we aim to encourage the lower school to participate in extracurricular activities, giving them the opportunity to socialise with others and develop their team building skills. Moreover, we aspire to be approachable and open to ideas to build on the strong foundations that the school has already set.”

Matthew & Gauri - Joint Heads of Environment Committee
Matthew Gauri

“As Heads of the Environmental Committee, we try to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the school and local environment. We approach this matter holistically by involving different departments around the school and collaborating with other committees to make it a joint effort to better the school environment. We focus on any little gaps that are to be improved on and ensure that all members of the school can pitch in with fresh ideas and voice their opinions. We will host Nower Hill’s first ever Blue Day and hope to implement more ideas in the future.”

Zainab & Ishen - Joint Heads of Charity Committee

Zainab Ishen

“As Heads of the Charity Committee, we strive to support others who may be less fortunate than us or have no support to turn to. We collaborate with the other committees where possible to ensure that every activity you enjoy is benefitting the wider community. Join us to acknowledge the many charities aiding others and let us recognise that we too are the agents of social change.”

Juhi, Manya, Priyana, Shreya, Sia & Ryan - Heads of House
Juhi Manya Priyana Shreya Sia Ryan

“As the Heads of House, we aim to foster a sense of community within the school. We hope to give all students a voice in which their concern and suggestions can be expressed. For us, our role has helped to develop our leadership skills, as well as providing the opportunity to work closely with other members of SSL. Being a part of SSL has given us a platform to grow as individuals and as a family. We hope that we can motivate students to get involved with the school through competitions and assemblies - and we urge you to come to us if you have any questions."


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