Assessment is an important part of the learning process at Nower Hill. We use it to:

  • recognise the effort that students put into their work;
  • help students identify what they have done which is successful;
  • provide students with feedback to help them know what they can do to improve.

This process also ensures teachers can effectively plan future lessons which give students the opportunity to make fast and sustained progress in their learning.

The assessment and feedback process is carried out in a variety of different ways across year groups and subjects according to what is most appropriate for that stage of learning and the students' needs. As part of the assessment process carried out in the school, we ensure that students are given appropriate practice in mock examinations which will prepare them for public examinations at the end of Key Stages 4 and 5.

Nower Hill's assessment and feedback policy explains the guiding principles underpinning the practices which each Faculty's assessment and feedback policy identifies in more detail. 

In the subject information area of this website you will find Curriculum Booklets for each year group.  These documents contain curriculum maps for each subject taught within that year. As well as explaining the content covered, they also contain common assessments which all teachers of a particular subject and year group have agreed they will set for their students.  The purpose, content, timings and conditions of these assessments will be the same no matter which teacher a student has. The method of feedback to students from these common assessments will also be the same.


All teachers contribute to marking for literacy.  When quality marking students’ work subject teachers focus on subject specific vocabulary for correction and at least one paragraph will be corrected for literacy using the school’s literacy notations which are below.

We would encourage Parents and Carers to highlight or circle words that you identify as miss-spelt in students' books.  Please encourage students to look the word up in the dictionary and get them to write the corrected version in the margin next to the work.


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