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Senior Student Leadership Team

We believe it is vital that 6th Form students play an important role in the running of the 6th Form and leadership of the school.  The new student leadership team comprises twelve Year 13 students and four Year 12 students including a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. 


This team works alongside the 6th Form staff team, the Year 10 / 11 prefect team and the school council to organise social events, run awards assemblies, give speeches and presentations to year groups, liaise with teaching staff and promote Nower Hill.


This year they have organised social events such as a themed party, a quiz and pizza afternoon and a very leavers assembly. Our 6th Form sports afternoon includes the more traditional races such as egg & spoon, sack, three legged and tug of war. The final event of the year was the Year 13 Graduation Ball held at The Stanmore Golf Club. They have also facilitated an extremely effective dialogue between staff and students and have raised with staff many issues brought to them by the 6th Form students.


We are very proud of our leadership team and the skills that they demonstrate.