• Open Day 26th September 2017
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Parents’ Evening Calendar 2016-17



Year 7


Welcome Evening:                      Wednesday 14th September 2016

Year 7 Informal Tour                   Friday 16th September 2016

Tutor and Parent Evening

including SLT          :                   Thursday 12th January 2017

Parents’ Evening:                        Wednesday 4th May 2017  



Year 8


Courses Evening:                        XX  

Parents’ Evening:                        Thursday 9th March 2017


Year 9


Parents’ Evening:                        Thursday 23rd March 2017  



Year 10


Parents’ Evening:                        Wednesday 30th November 2016



Year 11


Parents’ Information Meeting :     Thursday 20nd October 2016

Parents’ Evening including

SLT meeting :                             Thursday 10th November 2016



Year 12


Parents’ Evening:                        Thursday 26th January 2017



Year 13


Parents’ Evening:                        Wednesday 1st February 2017


Year 6



Parents Induction evening            Tuesday 4th July 2017

Student Induction Day                 Wednesday 5th July 2017