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New Year 7 Parents'/Carers' Evening Presentation

Year Co-ordinator Welcome Speech

Open Day SEM Presentation Speech 2016

Attendance Presentation

Headteacher's Speech


Useful Dates

Wednesday 14th September: New Year 7 Parents’/Carers’ Welcome Evening 6pm

Friday 16th September: Informal Tour 3.30pm to 5pm

Friday 23rd September: Year 7 'Mufti Day' and Year 7 Fun Event 3.15pm to 5pm

Monday 26th September: All studens to wear Winter uniform (shirts rather than polo shirts until Summer Term)

Tuesday 27th September: Open Day

Thursday 13th October: INSET day

Wednesday 2nd November: Road Safety Assembly: P1

Thursday 1st December: Year 7 Tracking Point A opens

Wednesday 7th December: INSET Day

Wednesday 26th April: Parents’/Carers’ Evening with subject teachers

Thursday 4th May: Parents’/Carers’ Evening with subject teachers