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GCSE Intervention Programme

The GCSE intervention programme runs throughout the Easter holidays, during the May Half Term and on the Saturdays in between these two holidays.  A detailed programme of provision will be published in the Spring Term and year 11 students will receive timetables to indicate which subjects and sessions they should attend.

During the course of the school year there are other additional subject sessions run during and after the school day. 

Details of these will be communicated to students and parents via individual faculties as they become relevant.

The types of intervention available to support students in achieving their target grades include:

  • Teaching Assistant Support
  • One to One tutoring
  • Small group tutoring
  • Mentoring and monitoring
  • Revision classes
  • Coursework catch up sessions
  • Exam blast sessions

The programme below illustrates the 2014-15 provision.  This will be updated early in 2016 with the 2015-16 provision.

May GCSE Intervention Programme

If you have any further queries about GCSE interventions, please speak to Mr Pittaway or Ms Moriarty.