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Nower Hill High School promotes good school attendance and punctuality for every child. Regular and punctual attendance at school is both a legal requirement and essential for students to maximise their educational opportunities. School attendance is also a component of safeguarding children.

Our weekly attendance target is 95% in each year group. Please be aware that an attendance record of 90% means that a child has missed half a day every week. This is four weeks over a school year and over five school years, becomes half a school year missed.

Achieving Excellent Attendance and Punctuality

The central role of the curriculum in encouraging excellent attendance is recognised. The curriculum must relate to the needs and abilities of each student within the school.

For each student there are systems within the school to monitor their attendance and punctuality on a weekly basis, with the aim, in all normal circumstances, at attendance rates of 95% or higher for each student. When a student’s attendance falls below 90%, the level at which a secondary school is seen to be failing by OFSTED, the Attendance Officer will investigate and take action.

Absence in Term Time due to Exceptional Circumstances

Nower Hill High School will not authorise absence in term time unless it is for exceptional cirucmstances. Please be aware that unauthorised absences could mean that parent/carer incurs a fixed penalty fine and/or prosecution by the Local Authority.

For any absence due to exceptional circumstances permission must be sort in writing from the Headteacher well in advance and before any travel is booked.

Please note that your travel documents will be required as evidence.

Religious Days

In line with Harrow Council’s policies and having taken advice from SACRE, the school has limited the number of religious days that may be taken as an authorised absence to 3 days per school year. These may not be taken consecutively and parents must inform the school if their child is absent due to religious observance.


Attendance: Absence Procedures for Students

Our attendance target is a minimum of 95% for each student. 

We ask parent/carers for their support in:

  • Encouraging their child to attend school regularly and punctually and to appreciate the importance of high attendance.
  • Making every attempt to arrange dental and medical appointments outside of school hours.

However, if you child is unable to attend school the following procedure should be followed:

  • Inform the school on the first morning of any absence, indicating the cause and likely duration of the absence. 
    Tel: 0208 863 0877 and chose the option to leave a message to report your childs' absence.

Punctuality and Unreported Absence

The school uses the SIMS 'In Touch' system to notify parents/carers by text or email on a daily basis if their child arrives late to school. If you receive such a message, please discuss this with your child and take action to ensure that they arrive punctually to school in future. You will also receive a message in the case of unreported absence and should you do so, we would ask you to respond to the school immediately.